Wubbanub Infant Pacifiers Review

Do you remember the pacifiers back in the day? Every time the baby would start throwing a tantrum, you would just give her one and let her chew on it till she would be quiet again.

Simple system, worked for ages.

Now, babies love plush toys. A lot! They soft, just like mommy’s gentle touch. They’re colorful and simply lovable!

So, maybe it was somewhat inevitable for these two ideas to somehow be put together into something even more interesting. That’s how the Wabbanub infant pacifiers took shape.

You take the regular pacifier and attach a super cute plush animal to it and you get this unique toy.

The animals can be anything from puppies, kitties and little ducks to lions, giraffes and elephants.

Wabbanub Infant Plush Toys PacifiersOn the paper, the idea is great, but does it really work?

Do the Wabbanub pacifiers do their job?

What’s the whole point of a pacifier? It’s to give something to the baby chew on, something that feels almost like mommy’s breast, so that she can exercise his gums and, maybe most importantly, keep quiet for a while. Right?

It’s been known that once they’re bored with their pacifiers, babies simply spit them out. Parents sometimes get frustrated by this. Do Wabbanub plush toys help the baby hold it for longer?

Parents report mixed results. Some swear that with the new toys, they’ve completely got rid of the old problem, while others say that on the contrary, their baby spits it more often because she doesn’t need to physically spit it… all she needs to do is to hit the toy and bam, it’s out.

One other problem that I noticed is the fact that with a classic pacifier, the baby can easily crawl and run around the house and still keep it in the mouth. It’s not uncomfortable.

That’s not gonna happen with the heavier Wabbanub toy attached to it. It’s gonna come out the second the baby leaves the start line.

So, is it worth it?

If you’re talking strictly about pacifiers, I honestly believe that a classic one is much more appropriate. A baby needs something light to chew on, and she doesn’t need to pull the weight of a plush toy every time she moves her mouth. And you actually have pretty colorful and attractive designs to choose from.

On the other hand, who can resist a cute plush toy? And there are parents who swear by their Wabbanub infant pacifiers, so you might want to give them a try.

Here are a few you could choose from.

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