Wooden Pirate Ships

Who among us can honestly say that he’s never once in his lifetime put a pirate eye patch on and yelled “Arrhghhh!”?

We love pirates! For whatever mischief they did throughout the history, we all have this romantic image of a villain, wearing his eye patch and cool pirate hat, oftentimes with a wooden leg and, of course, the faithful talking parrot keeping an eye on the seas.

We grew up with the likes of Sea-Goin’ Sam, “the blood-thirstiest, shoot-’em-first-iest, doggone worst-iest buccaneer that ever sailed the Spanish main”, Jack Sparrow, and a whole bunch of other Hollywood pirates. As a kid, you cannot help but fall in love with these characters.

Catch phrases like “Ahoy Mates!”, “Shiver me timbers” or “Fifteen men on a dead man’s chest! Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!” are classics. Merely hearing them once in a while sends you to a world of fantasy and unbelievable adventures.

For every one of these villains, one of the most prized possession, besides the huge treasure chest, is his ship.

Any pirate that wants to be taken seriously and be feared by the unsuspecting folks that he runs into has to own a huge, fearsome ship with a legendary name!

So, where can you get a wooden pirate ship for your child?

I’ve searched the web to find some of the most interesting such vessels and I’ve come across a couple of deals that are really worth taking a closer look.


One of the first ships that caught my attention was the Seven Seas Wood Pirate Ship sold by Magic Cabin.

Seven Seas Wood Pirate Ship

While it is definitely not the most detailed piece of woodwork you’ve ever seen, it does come with a series of features that every young pirate will definitely enjoy playing with. If has some of these authentic features that make any make believe play so much more authentic.

These features are:

-a crow’s nest with a rope ladder

-an anchor

-two skull and crossbones flags

-a steering wheel that actually works

Of course, the ship has a working crew of four pirates, who handle two cannons, a lifeboat and a treasure chest.

To find out more, go take a look at the Seven Seas Wood Pirate Ship pageover at Magic Cabin.


Another pirate ship that caught my eye was Ryan’s Room Pirate Ship from Small World Toys.

Small World Toys Ryan's Room Pirate Ship

This one is definitely one of the best looking ships I could find, but it seems to have some manufacturing defects. It kind of tends to fall apart. But if you make sure to glue it back whenever some parts fall out, your child should be fine playing with it for a long long time. To take a closer look, take a look at the Ryan’s Room Pirate Ship on Amazon.


Finally, there’s the Deluxe Pirate Ship Play Set from Melissa & Doug

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pirate Ship Play Set

Unlike other pirate ships, this one really looks like a not too frightening toy that kids would really enjoy. It might be a little to stylized, but it still cool. Find out more about it here.


Some of these pirate ship remind us of one of the most popular punishments the pirates used: walking the plank! I loved seing those scenes in the movies.

Since there are quite a lot of wooden pirate ships to choose from, you’ll find a nice selection of them in the box below. Enjoy!

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