What Is the Name of an Italian Wooden Toy Maker?

Reading this question, I can only imagine that you’re thinking of the woodcarver from the Italian children’s novel “The Adventures of Pinocchio”, a classic story written 1883 by Carlo Collodi. In this case, the name of the man you’re looking for is Geppetto.

What the story is best known for is the fact that its main character, Pinocchio, was a wooden toy who somehow came to life and dreamt of becoming a real boy. His most distint feature was that every time he told a lie, his nose would grow a bit. And since he never seem to stop from lying, it kept growing and growing.

The story has been rewritten and adapted by many authors into cartoon and movies and has become a literature classic.

Now that you got your answer, you should definitely go ahead and read the whole book. You can find The Adventures of Pinocchio on Amazon for about $12.

The Adventures Of Pinocchio

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