Let Your Child Into The World of Webkinz Stuffed Animals

Among the toys that are making the most fuss these days are those cute furry Webkinz stuffed animals. Plush toys have always been popular, but this time it’s a whole different ball game.

What has made Webkinz take over the world like this in such a short time is the fact that they’re more than just simple plush toys. Each of these pets comes with a ‘secret’ code which allows kids to go online on their website and play with a digital version of the animal.

Kids of all ages can go to the internet to play and have a whole lot of fun. Ok, so you’ll need to help you kid a bit if she’s preschool, because there is a little reading to be done, but once she gets the basic idea, you won’t be able to keep her away from the computer!

Webkinz Husky Toy PetThe virtual pet lives in his own room and your kid can do everything to decorate it with posters, furniture and get all sort of indoor or outdoor equipment. She can even buy a swimming pool, using what they call ‘kinzcash’. Catchy name, isn’t it?

And, with the popularity Webkinz these days, there’s a  great chance that your neighbors’ kids also have their  own pets. So, in the virtual room, a child can invite all her friends’ pets over and play together with them.

Kind of like the tea parties in the old days 🙂 Just, digital!

These are the sort of things that make toys catchy these days.

Webkins animals are more popular now than Teddy Bears! Can you imagine that?

So, what’s their story?

When they first came out, there were only a dozen or so different animals. Within a year, there were already 100 of them and now, there are more than 300 unique pets to choose from! The most popular of all is probably the Webkinz Husky.

You know what that means? Yes! There’s no way on Earth you can get them all in one room:)

There is even a market for trading Webkins ‘secret codes’!

Where can you get your hand on them?

The best place would be your local toy store, where you can get your kid to choose one herself, after playing around with a whole bunch of furry animals in the first place. But as I said, getting all of them in one place is impossible, so the second best place, and my favorite, is the internet.

The Webkinz pets collection on Amazon is probably the biggest in the whole world. You’ll spend hours taking a close look at each pet before you’ll be able to decide on just one! They’re all equally cute.

Above all, they have an incredibly low price tag. You’d think that for all those cool internet features and what not, they’d make sure to charge a lot more. But they don’t!

Isn’t that great?

So go ahead and find your kid great Webkins plush animal. You can find a couple in the box below.



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