Webkinz Husky Review

Webkinz is a huge family of stuffed animals that’s made every kid in the world go nuts! Although it’s been around for only a couple of years, its success was so spectacular that it completely changed the way kids interact with their toys.

Combining these cuddly and irresistible plush animals with the internet, you get this spectacular experience that is unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Of the hundreds of stuffed animals in the family, the Webkinz Husky is definitely one of the most popular. Just look at it! So precious! It’s a fantastic addition to your child’s plush toys collection.

Just like all Webkinz stuffed animals, the Husky also comes with a special code that allows your kid to enter the virtual Webkinz World where she can build up an entire family of plush toys.  This little simulation is unbelievably fun and it takes the interaction with her collection of toys to a completely new level.

Webkinz Husky Stuffed Animal

Whereas back in the day a kid would have to play-pretend serving a cup of tea to her dolls or cooking, she can easily click a button or two and actually have the toy do that. Talk about technology.. 🙂

That website is so beautifully designed that even preschool kid can get around its features with ease. A fun way to play and an interesting approach to getting more comfortable around computers.

What is cute about this little pup is that when you ask “how are you feeling”, it tells you something that totally melts your heart: “You and I are best friends forever!” Awww! Isn’t that sweet? Makes you want to snuggle it!

And not only that, but it has a whole range of funny responses to your questions. Not that the other stuffed animals are boring, but this one sort of stands out.

You can find out more about the other pets in the family on the Webkinz stuffed animals page that I wrote a while ago.

So, if you think that the Webkinz Husky is the stuffed animal that your child will adore, then go ahead and buy one from Amazon.com for only about $7.50.

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