Uglydoll Plush Review

How do you sell something that you call ugly? Who on earth would think of buying something like that? And why, of all thing, buy something like that for your kid?

Well, in my opinion, the famous Uglydolls aren’t ugly at all… or you can say that another way: They’re ugly, but sooo cute! 🙂

So, what’s the story with the Uglydolls?

These fluffy little cuties have been around for over ten years and kids loved them for all this time. The fist Uglydoll came to life in 2001.

As the story goes, that year, Sun-Min Kim had to go back home as her student visa expired, leaving her boyfriend, David Horwath, back in the States. While she was away, he was writing her numerous letters, and each time, he closed them with a small drawing of a character he called Wage.

Uglydoll PlushOne time, she decided to make David a surprise by sending him a hand sewed doll of Wage. He liked it so much that he showed it to a friend who was the manager of the Giant Robot toy store in LA. He thought it was a product pitch and immediately ordered more. David asked Sun-Min to sew and send more of them.

Since the appearance of the dolls was somewhat funky, not beautiful by any conventional way, they decided to turn the whole thing on its head and name them Uglydoll. Just to see what happens. They sold out on the same day they arrived!

Well, after that first event, Sun-Min and David felt they were onto something, so they started designing more of these dolls. They turned their little passion, a game between two lovers, into a worldwide craze.

The Uglydolls became even more popular as on her first day of school, Natasha Obama wore a Babo keychain on her backpack. You can imagine how every kid in the country went nuts over thee curiously looking Uglydolls.

Over the last ten years, they’ve put together an entire army of characters. If I were to guess, I’d say at least 125 of them. First, there was Wage, but soon after that came Babo and Ice-Bat and they made a great team.

How can you find them?

You’ll find that the plush Uglydolls come in four different sizes, the Little Uglys priced at 10$, the Classics, priced at about 20$, the Jumbo Characters, priced at 40$, and the Clip-Ons which your kid can hang on just about everything, from backpacks to door handles, or use them as keychains.

All Uglydoll plush dolls are handmade, so that each piece is a somewhat unique.

Each of the dolls has a small tag which describes the personality of each character. You obviously want to know what kind of cute ‘monster’ you bring into your house, right? 🙂

Beyond Uglydoll dolls

With such a successful character, it was only natural to expand the product offerings. I already mentioned the keychain that Sasha Obama has, but there are also a series of Uglydoll books, clocks, stationery, action figures, tin toys and even clothing. There was even one set of Uglydoll cups. Nice!

Take a look below to get a glimpse of the Uglydoll universe!

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