Toy Trucks

If you have a small boy, then you probably noticed that there is simply something magnetic that he finds about trucks and other power machines, and especially monster trucks!

This fascination is universal and boys all over the world are curious about and love trucks. That’s why toy trucks have always been a huge hit with boys up to 10-11 years old.

Maybe it’s the noise they make, maybe it’s the power, but the thing is that boys play with toy trucks and cars, girls play with dolls.

I remember when I was a kid, I had quite a selection of toy cars. Me and my friends would get together, build dirt roads and drive our cars from place to place in our fantasy world.

When one of my best friends rolled out with his brand new toy Mack truck, he was the envy of everyone! We would trade two or three of our small cars for a ride with his imposing jewel.

Toy Truck

Yeah, we were young and crazy, but we loved toy trucks!

I got my first one when I was 3-4 years old I think. It’s been a long time, but I can still remember playing in front of our apartment and carrying these huge boulders. It was a strong truck and it was an ego thing for me to carry heavy stuff.

Tonka trucks

The best known manufacturer of toy trucks is Tonka. Their toys are so popular that one was actually included in the Toy Hall of Fame. These toy trucks are tough like the real ones and, just to prove it, Tonka held an event a while ago where an adult elephant had to stand on top of a toy truck.

Surprisingly, the toy didn’t break! Now, I’m curious how they managed to keep an elephant in equilibrium on top a small toy, but that’s beyond the point.

Of all the toys they make, the Tonka Mighty Truck series has proven to be the most successful.

Toy monster trucks

Oh yes, the monster trucks! What boy doesn’t want to have one? I never managed to convince my parent to buy me one.

As a kid, you become one with your toy car and having a toy monster truck is the quintessence of masculinity! You become the subject of envy and admiration for every kid on the block!

It’s the best gift a boy can get!

Remote controlled toy trucks

Having a cool truck is great! But having a remote controlled one is the closest thing to driving the real thing. In a small kid’s fantasy world, he becomes the king of the road.

So, if you’re not sure what gift to choose for your little boy, a toy truck should be your first choice!

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