Toy Trains

Toy trains, an instant hit with all children

Toy trains are amongst any boy’s preferred types of toys. Boys love technical toys that help them understand how and why things work the way they do.

TV series like “Thomas the tank engine and friends ” are very popular with children, and make them want to be engine drivers. I know this, because I loved Thomas myself when I was younger.

You can find toy trains in different sizes and shapes, to satisfy any child’s taste. It’s not very difficult to find toy trains that are good enough for your child.

The most important aspect when choosing a toy train – your child’s age

Children of different ages like different types of toy trains.

Toy trains for children of about 6 to 9 years

Children at this age love electrical toy trains. They usually move along on special tracks in an artificial landscape, but there are sets that do not. Some trains run well even on carpet.

Take a look at this toy train set. The track has switches, indicators and stations; all scaled down to be as realistic as possible.

When more children are playing, they love crashing one toy train to another. This might damage the toy trains, so teach your child not to do it. It’s really wonderful to see children playing together and having so much fun.

Electric toy trains are safe, but don’t let children play without your or another adult’s supervision. Unpredictable accidents can occur anytime.

Of course, you can buy other types of toy trains besides electric one. Children at this age also like trains that have a have many detailed features, like this toy train. Your child can actually ride it.

Toy trains for younger children

For younger children, electric toy trains aren’t recommended. Instead, you can find other less sophisticated toy trains that will do the job very well.

Toy Train

Toy trains with many colors are highly recommended. Also, young children love wooden trains.

Toddlers like to pull objects because they want to get more familiar walk. Therefore, I recommend you to choose toy trains that are light and have a cord attached to their front, so that the child can pull it easily.

‘Thomas the tank engine’ toy trains

One name that has become synonymous with the term toy train is Thomas, the main character of a popular TV series called “Thomas the tank engine and friends”.

The toy trains in the movie were all alive and could talk to one another. Each toy train had its own personality. You could read any train’s feelings because they all had eyes, nose and mouth.

Thomas was doing his job very well, unlike his other toy train friends. I remember that I was fascinated by this movie. I imagined myself driving these trains, that I owned a wonderful train like Thomas or his friends.

I don’t know if the series still runs on TV channels, but Thomas is still the most popular toy train in the world.

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