Toy Guns

Toy guns in a violent world

We live in a world full of violence. We can read about it in the news paper, hear it at the radio, and see it on TV, in movies, and even in the street. But, no matter how disgusting it is, people still get thrilled about it.

A child is “educated” to like violence by all sorts of movies and computer games in which guns and shootings are nothing out of the ordinary.

Amazingly, in their desire to earn more money, toy manufacturers started selling toy guns for children as if guns are simple household objects, totally ignoring the bad behaviors that a child can get by playing with them.

Learning by playing with …toy guns

A child learns lots of things through play. Play is the best method that a child uses to learn about the world around us and to develop new skills. Imagine now what will a child learn by playing with toy guns… Do this, think about it for a few seconds… Not a pleasant picture, is it? That’s what I though.

Children love to play with toy guns, because they can pretend to be super heroes, but as a parent, you must not let your child play with them. Your child may get excited about a toy gun, but think about the children who live in places ravaged by civil war, where they can see guns being used to hurt people.

They certainly are afraid of them, and by no means do they consider them great to play with. Even a simple water toy pistol can make them get scared, because they know what guns can do.

Toy guns are dangerous

Not only that toy guns hurt a child mentally, but they can even hurt them physically. There are all sorts of toy guns out there that throw different objects, from small darts to balls. All of them are dangerous because a child can point the toy gun towards his or another person’s eye, resulting in an unfortunate accident.

You must avoid letting your child play with toy guns. If your child asks you to buy a toy gun, explain him that you will not buy him one because it is bad. Do it in a manner that he will understand what you are saying.

Also, limit your child’s access to violence movies and don’t buy him computer games that promote violence. Buy educational computer games, which will be both fun and useful.

Anti toy guns organizations

There are several organization is the world that militate against the use of toy guns for children. “Toy gun is no fun” is a campaign initiated by the World Vision Network.

This campaign’s goal is to change the indifference attitude that parents worldwide have towards toy guns. They encourage parents to think carefully about the toys they choose for their children and even offer to exchange toy guns and other toys that promote war with educational toys and school materials. An admirable initiative that may help make Earth a better place.

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