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There is big fuzz around the topic girl toys/boy toys. It is a general belief that boys do not play with toys girls play with and vice versa. Toy dolls, by far, fall into the girl toys category.

Toy dolls for babies and young toddlers

However, any rule has exceptions that reinforce it. The exception to the toy dolls rule applies to babies and young toddlers.

Babies and toddlers, both girls and boys, do not care if the toy they play with is a doll or another toy as long as it is fun and entertaining. You can safely choose toy dolls for young children without being afraid that they won’t like it.

A baby boy will not refuse a toy because it is a girl toy. If he finds a toy doll more interesting, he will rather refuse a boy toy.

For babies and young toddlers, dolls are universal toys, meaning that choosing dolls for them is way to ensure that the money spent will not be in vain.

The dolls for young children must be lightweight and soft, so that they can be easily manipulated.

Also, the toy dolls you choose must not be huge, a young child must be able to grasp them easily.

Ok, now that the choosing toy dolls for babies and young toddlers is clear, let’s look at the choosing toy dolls for girls part.

Toy dolls for girls

Except for the above exception, dolls are entirely girl toys. Boys don’t usually play with dolls.

Dolls have a very educational role in a girl’s development. Usually the games girls play have them prepare for the future adult life.

Every time a girls plays, she will discover new things, even though of small importance, that add up and eventually will create a true character.

One of the most popular games with girls is “The mother and the Father”. In this game, toy dolls play the role of children. Girls like this game because they love their mothers and want to be just like them.

In this game, she assumes the role of a Toy dollloving mother that takes care of her children. She feeds the toy doll, dresses her, and puts her to sleep. She takes care of all the activities that a mother has.

Practicing child caring with toy dolls is very important because she learns what a mother must do.

Later, when she will become a real mother, the practice done during childhood will prove very useful.

Of course, toy dolls do not just help a girl become a devoted mother. During play, girls also like to imagine themselves as wonderful adult women, with a rewarding career and doing what they want. There are dolls that are created exactly after this image like Barbie dolls.

Usually, girls get attached to one or more toy dolls. This is very good, because they this way they learn to appreciate the things they have.

Without outside guidance, a girl creates a responsibility for herself: to take care of her toys. Cleaning the dolls, making sure they are OK helps girls develop a powerful instinct that every thing should be in its place.

Short history of toy dolls.

Toy dolls were manufactured even 3000 years ago in the Ancient Egypt. Toy dolls were also popular in The Roman Empire. A few years ago, a young girl’s tomb was excavated. She was mummified and her parents were Egyptians living in the Roman Empire.

Along side her body, the archeologists found her personal objects. Among them was a beautifully carved wooden toy doll. With this discovery it was proven that children played with toy dolls through out the history.

Nowadays, toy dolls manufacturing and toys in general is an entire industry. There are many types of toy dolls to choose from. One toy doll stands out.

Yes, I am talking about Barbie. She is the most popular doll in history. Since she was first released, fifty years ago, more than one billion Barbie dolls were sold world wide. Read more about Barbie dolls or Barbies Ken dolls.

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