Toy Dogs

Every child’s dream

I remember that all my life as a kid I wanted to own a dog. I could always visit my grandparents who had dogs, cats and other cute animals that I could play with, but I wanted a pet that would be just mine, one I could raise and train myself.

And not just any pet, I specifically wanted a German shepherd. I think my love for them started when I saw a few episodes of a movie where the main character was a detective who worked together with a German shepherd called Rex. I was fascinated.

Unfortunately, living in an apartment wasn’t a great place to raise a dog, and definitely not the one I wanted most. My parents just said no and even when I found a small puppy, they made sure to give it to somebody who had a large backyard with plenty of space for the dog to be happy.

Now, looking back at this, they were probably right to do so, but I didn’t care. I finally got the dog I wanted from my uncle at the age of 15 and my parents couldn’t say no.

And just like myself, there are thousands of kids out there who want their own dog, and they don’t really care why it can’t be done.

How can a parent deal with it?

Well, one way it to simply say no. But that would come across as harsh and will leave your child disappointed and he’ll hate you for it.

You could try to explain that it is difficult to raise a dog because of lack of space or because of the huge responsibility with feeding and training him and especially because of the mess he creates. This could work, but there’s an even better way to deal with it: a toy dog.

Ok, every child will know that it’s not the real thing, but after you will have explained the situation, you child will understand and will love the new friend in his life.

You can give it a name and, especially if your child is younger, he will grow very fond of it.

You’ll have a happy child and one worry less on your parent agenda.

Aibo, the coolest robot toy dog

One of the best toy dogs that you can find is a robot developed by a Japanese company. Its name is Aibo and imitates a real dog to smallest detail, without doing messy stuff like peeing on the carpet.

It can play the entire day without getting tired, make all the cute tricks and guard the house. The only little disadvantage of this technical wonder is its enormous price, making it inaccessible for many families.

There are other similar robot toy dogs that are cheaper, and can be just as cute and fun. They can sing or even talk. They have very funny designs and come in all colors, and can easily be considered by your child as better than a real dog.

Plush toy dogs

The most common substitutes for the real thing are plush toy dogs. They are popular at every age and girls are especially in love with them because they are so cute!

You can’t go wrong with plush dogs. They are by definition lovely and adorable, so a kid will instantly adore it.

You can use plush toy dogs and plush toys in general to decorate your kid’s room. And if you go for a huge one, you’ll be a happy parent!

A word of caution though. Plush toys absorb dust easily so be careful with 2-4 year olds who still love to chew things. Wash the toys regularly and everything will be all right!

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