Toy Castles

When putting a child to sleep, one rule that most parents follow is telling a story, so that the child can fell asleep easier. These stories make children imagine wonderful toy worlds, were they can find only joy and happiness.

Castles are popular structures in these tale lands, where a handsome prince from a very rich kingdom has to fight a big and powerful dragon that guards the entrance to the castle where the princess, his future wife, is kept against her will by malicious forces.

Also, a castle is where their wedding takes place after the prince saves the princess.

Fairytale castles and toy castles

Children love the stories told by parents before going to sleep, but they would love if the stories could just be more than stories, and become reality. But hey, you can make the stories become reality.

You can offer your child toys that represent characters and structures found in these tales. You’ll be surprised to see how much your child will love these toys.

Toy castles are the most popular real life representations of the structures that can be found in fairytale stories that you tell your child before sending him to bed.

Usually, children get together and play with toy castles. Whether they know the story or not, they create their own original fairytale story by playing with toy castles.

They imagine how the dragon fights with the prince at the entrance into the toy castle and the princess cries in one of the many towers of the castle.

On thing that you will notice is that children playing together will often chose a character in the story and interpret him. They will find dolls and will consider them the prince, princess, the dragon and each child will “make” his character to play the story.

They will often use phrases in the story they heard from parents into the game, to make it be more real. Children will even conduct the wedding ceremony in the toy castle.

At the end of it all, children will have lots of fun, all thanks to the toy castles that made the center of fun and inspiration.

Which toy castles are the best for your child?

I cannot answer to this question, because I don’t know your child, but I can give you suggestion that you may want to follow when choosing toy castles.

For both young and older children, larger toy castles are more desired, because they can control the characters even inside, where the fight between the dragon and the prince takes place. They can then guide the prince to the secret room in one of the toy castle’s tower.

Bigger toy castles also become the center of attraction during the play because of their imposing dimension. Children will always be tempted to play with the toy castle.

For young children, try to avoid buying toy castles that have small parts that may come off and be swollen.

Also, the toy castle you choose must have colors that attract children (red, green, blue, yellow, etc.). Different sections of the toy castle should be colored with distinct colors.

In other words, the toy castle must create a childish atmosphere and provoke to play.

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