Toy Cars

Ah, toy cars… what can one say about them, except that they should never be left out of a boy’s toy collection. Yep, if you’re thinking about boy toys, you’re thinking about toy cars. It’s like a law of nature; this is what boys are supposed to play with.

I mean, your little boy could very well be happy if he only had toy cars and nothing else. Who needs plush toys, pets or karaoke systems when you can just play with your huge car collection that rivals with that of top rock stars?

I know I always had a bunch of toy cars, but no matter what, I always saved money to buy one more. Every other day, we would gather and build dirt roads and then role play all sorts of real life scenarios like driving to a friend across town to borrow a size ten wrench key or whatever. You know, stuff you need around the house.

Toy Cars

And just when I thought my collection was close to perfection, we became friends with another kid who had, I’m not making this up, hundreds of toy cars, and even toy trucks, boats, planes and everything. God, he was the envy of every kid in the neighborhood.

So, you can’t go wrong with a toy car when you’re thinking of a cool gift.

If it’s a sports car, your kid will instantly love it. And even better, if you get a car from one of your kid’s favorite movie, you’ll have an obedient child for a whole week!

The first that comes to mind is the Batmobile. There is no better example of a toy car taken from a movie. It’s one that every kid can recognize and most importantly, every kid imagined himself driving it. No exception!

More recently, the Cars movie was a huge box office hit and kids all over the world were begging their parent to take them to the cinema to see it… I’m most certain that each one of them would love to have Lightning McQueen or Doc Hudson in his collection.

Oh, and this year’s Transformers Movie 2, you just know it’s the hottest thing to hit the market. Kids went crazy after it and there is already a whole range of transformers toys to choose from. That Camaro is probably the coolest toy car one could find. What’s better than having a top of the line car that turns into a fighting robot?

Trasformers Movie 2 Toy Car

Remote controlled toy cars

The coolest thing you can do is to purchase a remote controlled car. They come in all sizes and shapes and they are perfect for racing. I had the chance to play with a few of them recently and you could feel the tension and adrenaline building up from the race. It was great and I would definitely choose a remote controlled toy car for a gift.

Pedal and electric toy cars

There are a whole range of pedal cars. They’re made for toddlers and they are pretty fun. The kid is actually in the driver’s seat and can have a lot of fun driving from place to place. It’s pretty much like having a bicycle, but only much cooler.

Lightning McQueen Electric Toy Car

Then there are the huge electric ride-on toy cars, where the kid is riding a fully functional car. They are completely safe and boringly slow, but they can give a child a taste of what’s driving like.

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