Tonka Bulldozer Review

In the world of power hungry, mighty and super cool toy vehicles; Tonka is by far the absolute leader! It’s name has practically become synonymous super strong toy trucks and construction equipment.

The name itself means “great” or “big”, although I can’t say in what language 🙂

The firm has made a name for itself selling toy trucks made of metal. Metal! None of that girly plastic stuff. They really mean business. And with names like Mighty, Tough or Thoughest, you can’t get more suggestive than that!

The classic Tonka bulldozer

The Tonka bulldozer is one of their classics, having stood the test of time. The first version of the toy was launched decades ago and it is still selling strong.

Tonka BulldozerThe bulldozer and just about any other Tonka toy are perfect for boys from 3 years and up going through their heavy equipment phase.

I remember when I was a kid, I did get a huge truck and I was carrying everything with it: rocks, buckets of water, earth, puppies 🙂 I could fit in there myself.

Now, if you decide to get a bulldozer for your kid, make sure to order the metal one. In the last few years I’ve seen that Tonka has gone a little soft and started selling plastic vehicles… Definitely a negative point for their image, but they still do manufacture the metal versions of their classics.

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