Tini Puppini Stuffed Animals

There are few things in this world that are as cute and cuddly as plush toys. You just don’t see the same sort of creativity in developing adorable ideas anywhere as you do in the world of stuffed animals.

Every now and then, from this incredible pool of ideas, you discover another toy that simply blows your mind. I just found one!

Much to your daughter’s delight, there is now a brand new line of stuffed puppies called Tini Puppini which are so adorable that you’ll have a hard time saying no. Just a quick accidental look and you’re forever in love with them!

What makes Tini Puppini puppies irresistible?

First of all, they’re not just puppies. Oh no!

You know how little girls love to dress up their dolls, change their outfit, and brush their hair? Of course, that’s what makes dolls fun.

Well, that’s exactly what they’re doing with these stuffed animals. They play on this universal need to take care of small, vulnerable beings.

How can you possibly imagine something more adorable that this? Take a look at this picture below. It has the tiny pink shoes, the really cute dress, the adorable look in its eyes and of course – I wouldn’t have imagined it any other way – a well thought hair bow. A nice final touch 🙂

Tini Puppini Stuffed PuppyTell me that’s not the most breathtaking toy you’ve see in a while!

How about the extras?

The toys come with a series of accessories that will keep your daughter busy. There’s the removable outfit, four platform shoes, a monogrammed Tini Pupinni brush, a sparkly tiara hair accessory, a little pearl necklace, a dog collar and a silver puppy “bling”. Quite a few of them.

Tini Puppini CarrierEven so, after a while it might get old to dress the dog with the same outfit, so you can get a completely new one! You can get another set for a bout $12. Take a look.

If that’s not enough, you can also buy a really fancy bag that your little princes can use to “carry her Tini Puppini around the town”. It is lined with cozy leopard print and also comes with a bone pillow and blanket. Just so the tiny pup has a comfortable place to sleep in 🙂

It works both as a carrier and a bed for the plush puppies. Find out all the details here!

Your Turn!

Go take a look at amazon where you’ll find a small selection of Tini Puppni stuffed puppies. I would love to see more of them, but that’s all there are for now.

How does your daughter enjoy them? Are there any particular ways that she’s found to have a really good time with them?

Leave your comments below!

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