Thomas and Friends Spencer

Thomas & Friends is one of the most popular TV series in the last few years. Featuring trains that have their own personality and feelings, it captivates children of all ages forever.

Kids love Thomas and his fiends, and talk about it for hours.

One of the humanized trains in the series is Spencer. He’s not the most important character and he doesn’t put together any important actions. But what he really excels at is arrogance.

Thomas and Friends Spencer

Spencer was brought to the island as the private engine of the visiting Duke and Duchess of Boxford. That’s why he has an attitude that you won’t find in the other trains.

His interventions in the story are very short, but boy are they amusing. No matter how arrogance is seen in reality, in the Thomas & Friends world, meaning the Island of Sodor , his attitude comes out as the funniest thing possible.

Spencer is a silver British mallard (the fastest steam engine of its time), with a coal tender in the back, and a laid-back face.

The toy itself has is made out of several parts that pose chocking risk. As with all wooden toys, this one is pretty resistant. If your child is more than 3 years old, Thomas & Friends Spencer train is a great toy that will assure many hours of fun. For younger children though, it’s safe choose a toy with fewer parts that may come off.

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