9 Toys That Will Make Your Kid Go Berserk This Summer

Summer has got to be the best three months of the year! You’ve got the holiday, the heat and the endless oportunities for a great time.

Your kid must be going berserk right about now with all the fun oportunities just around the corner.

So what toys do you use to spice up your kid’s summer playtime?

I’ve got a few ideas about that.

Beach toys

The first thing that comes to mind  when thinking of toys for the summer are the beach toys.

You can’t call it a summer if you don’t have at least a short trip to the beach . If you live next to the beach like I do, then most likely your kid if down thee 24/7. (Oh don’t think I live in some fancy resort… Oh no. It’s just a place there’s a river nearby where you can cool off and get a tan on what we call “a beach”.)

  • Bucket and shovel – When you’re thinking of beach toys, inadvertently the image that pops your mind is the one with the kid building his sand castle, with his toy bucket and shovel on his side as his trusted tools. Every set has them, together with     a couple of plastic sea shells, sea stars or even animals. These toys have stood the test of time and have entertained kids for ages. There’s a reason they’ve been with us for so long.
  • Kites – I can’t even imagine going to the beach without seeing a couple of kids or even adults with kites of all shapes and colors. It’s fun both for the kid playing with it and for those who are watching. Or, trying to get out of its way, depending on the strength of the wind 😉
  • Volley balls, football balls and pretty much any big round colorful and bouncy object. The beach is the place where your kid can really go nuts playing all sorts of sports and then immediately jump in the water to cool off. What really cool is that you now have these new Geyser balls that will make the whole thing look so much more interesting. All you need to do is to dunk the ball in water and then watch it spray like crazy!
  • Shell bags – Ok, so they’re not exactly toys but many kids loooove going out to collect shells to bring home. Obviously, they can’t just bring them home with all that sand on them. They need some way to clean them up. That’s where these shell collecting bags come in! 😉
  • Inflatable boats and matresses – This goes without saying. Everybody like to simply kick back and relax in the sun, floating in the gentle moves of the waves.

Water toys

Obviously, you can’t stay at the beach for the whole summer. But that doesn’t mean that your kid can’t have the best time splashing water all over the place. Here are a couple of ideas:

  • Water toy guns – Looking back on my own history, the most fun I had with water toys was when me and my friends had our own water guns. There’s nothing more fun that running around in the heat and trying to get everybody wet from head to toe, all while trying to be as stealthy as possible and use the element of surprise. Yes.. we knew all the lingo an tactics from Jean Claude Van Damme movies all right. Well, you can take a look at these Nerf water guns and find something that will make your kid jump up in joy!
  • A ride-on animal – Be it a whale, a dolphin, or even a turtle. This is simply awesome if you have a pool. Actually, this also works well at the beach.
  • A beach blast ball – This is a really fun one! You just connect it to a water whose and let the show begin!

And just about any other toy

During the summer kids also like to take all their indoor toys outside, which means that each and any toy that was great during the rest of the year is now also great.

I especially loved playing with my toy cars and trucks, but girls will also love to take their Barbie princesses and role-play them in the garden.

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