Robot Toys

Why are robot toys so popular?

Robot toys have been my favorite toys since I first got one when I was 5. My first robot wasn’t very high tech. It was a simple humanoid super hero robot with a gun that would generate sounds and an intermittent red light when it was ON. But I was fascinated about it. At that time it seemed to me that that robot toy was the greatest thing in the world.

Later, my parents bought me other robot toys after seeing that I loved the first one. Some of them were great, others were not, but I still had fun with them

Robot toys evolved very fast. Robot toys that were state of the art when I was five are now…antique.

Robot Toys

If a few years ago robot toys that had a few basic movements defined by the circuit type ruled, nowadays robot toy that don’t have a central processing unit to allow advanced software to run on are not very popular.

Yes, modern robot toys are high tech. Robot toys incorporate millions of dollars worth of technology. That’s why some robot toys are very expensive to most of us.

Aibo, the most interesting robot toy in the world.

Sony, a major Japanese company released backs in 1999 a robot toy that looked and acted like a dog. Its name was Aibo. The robots in the Aibo series are able to walk, play soccer, learn, pronounce some words, sleep at night and respond to verbal commands.

At the request of the buyer, the robot toy can be bought as a puppy following that in the next three months to learn to walk, and later to become an adult. Also, the buyer can choose from a variety of colors the one that would fit him and his robot toy pet best.

The name AIBO stands for Artificial Intelligence Robot. He is able to show feelings like sadness, joy and anger.

AiboThe great advantage that this robot toy dog has over a real puppy is that he will never get the carpet wet, although he can simulate that he is doing so.

Being so full of qualities, the price for this type of robot toy is huge. Almost 2500 $ is a lot of money for most people. Even so, Sony’s first Aibo robot toys stock of 5000 units was sold very fast in June 1999.

Other popular robot toy dogs

After Aibo’s success, other robot toy dogs came out. One of them is Poo-Chi, a robot toy dog made by Sega and Tiger Electronics. It can’t walk like the Aibo robot, but it has its own set of amusing tricks.

It can sing about 6 songs, express his feelings by modifying the look in the eyes, It is cheaper that his competitor. 30 $ is almost nothing compared to Aibo’s 2500 $.

Robot toys inspired by Star Wars

Robot toys manufacturers don’t get their inspiration only from real dogs. They also create replicas of successful robots in different movies. One such robot is R2-D2 from Star Wars.

It responds to vocal commands, can play music, can guard the room and so on. It has an extensible arm, a light beam projector, sonar navigation, infrared positioning system and much more.

As Aibo, R2-D2 is a robot that learns from experiences and creates his own personality as you interact with him. If your child is a fan of Star Wars, this robot toy is indicated. He’ll fall in love with it. This robot toy is also cheaper than Aibo.

Click here to see two robot toys, R2-D2 and 3PO, both inspired by the successful Star Wars series.

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