Porcelain Dolls

Are porcelain dolls dated, or do they still deserve a place in our kids’ toy collection?

They have a long a beautiful history, and they reached their highest point sometime between 1860 and 1900. The Germans were particularly passionate about them.

Nowadays, they’re not as popular as they once were, considering that there’s now a bunch of dolls that really resonate with our modern little girls. And I’m not thinking only of Barbie and Bratz.

Nevertheless, porcelain dolls are a constant presence in out toy stores. Maybe they’re no longer toys, but collectors are incredibly passionate about them for their incredible details. And if not for the collectors, then they’re still perfect as décor objects. I bought one for my mother and it looks so good in the living room.

Porcelain Doll

What makes porcelain dolls adorable?

One thing that made porcelain dolls so popular back in the day was the realism which their German and French manufacturers were able to give to them. That was possible thanks to the white ceramic they used. With a little finishing touches, they could reproduce the human skin color with the highest fidelity.

Today’s plastic or rubber dolls will never come close to that.

Another element that made them great was the 19th and early 20th century costumes which they were dressed in. Ok, those costumes were common back in the day, but even now, because of tradition or whatever, most porcelain dolls still come in Victorian costumes. And collectors love them for that.

As mentioned previously, these dolls were used as toys and were manufactured mostly in France and Germany. As with everything, at some point they lost their popularity sometime around 1930. But they did come back as collectible items towards the end of the 20th century.

Nowadays, most porcelain are made in China and are quite cheap. Still, the Germans are the true masters.

I can’t say that kids are particularly nuts about them these days, but the dolls are still perfect as décor objects. And truthfully, they’re not quite cheap (the German ones), so I’m sure you wouldn’t feel too comfortable handing one to your child who you know that sooner or later will drop it to the ground.

That being said, you can find quite a large selection of porcelain dolls over at Amazon. You’ll find that besides the expesive Bavarian dolls, there are a lot of porcelain Disney character replicas and many others for just 10-20 dollars. Go take a look!

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