Pool Toys

The pool is the one place in your house where not having fun is unconceivable. Children know how to have fun at the pool.

Just dabbling in the pool is boring. Pool toys are needed.

Even for children, just dabbling in the water is after a while boring. The way to avoid this is to use pool toys. They help your child have more fun at the pool without any effort from your side.

In order for your child to have the maximum amount of fun that a pool can generate, a few pool toys are absolutely necessary. Yes, although just playing in the pool is very fun, it’s not enough to create the fun of a lifetime.

Adult and child pools

Before going further into choosing pool toys, you must first know that regular pools, with depths of almost 2 meters, are not safe for children.

Pool Toys

For children under the age of 10 you should get a special pool. Don’t worry, child pools can be much more fun than adult pools, because child pools have a more interesting design. To chose a child pool, read my child pools guide here.

Choosing pool toys is very easy. The things you must consider when looking for pool toys are the age and gender of your child and the size of your pool.

If you have a large pool, you can choose bigger pool toys. Children love big pool toys because they are easier to maneuver in the pool.

But buy big pool toys only if you have a big pool. Your child must have space in the pool too.

Suggestion of what pool toys you can buy for your child if you have a bigger pool:

  • Toy boats
  • Plastic rafts
  • Submarines
  • Toy ducks
  • Pool balls

If you have a smaller or a special child pool, the pool toys you choose must be smaller. This doesn’t mean that there should be less fun. Actually, because child pools have a much more interesting design, the fun your child gets should be much bigger.

Suggestion of pool toys you can choose if you have a special pool for children:

  • Small toy ducks
  • Small, colored pool balls

But all the activities don’t take place only inside the pool. Children spend a lot of the time playing around the pool. They love to splash one another with water. They love to splash adults water too.

In order to do the splashing right, they first need adequate toys. Water pistols and water rifles are perfect for the job.

Have a look at this list of pool toys.

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