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Plush and stuffed toys have always been a favorite for kids of all ages. With their nice silky surface and the sweet animals they portray, your kid can’t help himself but snuggle them all day long.

And why wouldn’t she? They are just so cute that you just cannot not like them.

Traditionally, little girls have been more interested in plush toys than boys. A great deal of them love them for all their lives. But wait till you see the rivalry! A boy will take that in no time.

Toddlers especially love them.

They’re great for kids of all ages, but there are a few nuances you need to consider for every one of them.

Here are a couple of ideas of plush toys for babies

A newborn is not really able to focus on what’s going on around him. What he’s good at is distinguishing sharp colors, such as black and white. Also, a infant loves faces and, of course, these toys have the cutest faces!

And, because plush is such a soft material, it feels almost like mommy’s graze. And who wouldn’t want to feel a gentle comforting touch when mommy’s not in the room?

What I recommend here is to find an emperor penguin, or a panda, or even something like this beautiful Siberian tiger.

Take a look here to see more plush toys for all ages.

The latest craze when it comes to plush toys are the Webkinz stuffed animals. Not only are they suuuper cute and cuddly, but they also give kids a chance to play with them in a virtual world over the internet. Talk about technology… One of the most popular in the family is the Webkinz Husky stuffed animal.

Wait till you see the Uglydoll plush..dolls 🙂 They’re not so much ugly as they are cute. You have to love them!

Ever thought that you’ll one day be able to find cute plush microbes for sale? I didn’t! Nevertheless, the Giant Plush Microbes are here, and they’re unbelievable!

A word of caution, though! Plush toys have been known to absorb quite a lot of dust in time, which could prove a little unsafe, especially if your child has the delighting habit of mouthing everything that she gets her hands on.

But don’t sweat over it… don’t dismiss plush altogether just because of that!

Instead, take the necessary steps to avoid that. For instance, if your little bambino adores playing outside a lot and she has to bring her favorite plush toy out, well, that’s going to be a problem. Outdoor play usually means getting dirty from head to toe and toys share a similar fate.

On the other hand, being too cautious and not letting your kid get dirty can really spoil the fun. Come on, a little dirt never killed anyone!

And the toys? You can just throw them into the washing machine and be done with them. You should do that regularly, every few weeks. Dry them thoroughly and you’re done. Just make sure to check the labels… you wouldn’t want to accidentally turn Yogi into a polar bear! 🙂

What about those huge plush bears or tigers, like this bear from Melissa & Doug? There’s no way one Earth you can fit them in a washing machine. However, these are the sort of toys you keep in the bed or very close to it, so they shouldn’t get too dirty.

If some accident happens and there’s a lot of dirt on them, you can simply clean them with a some warm water, a small brush and some soap, then dry them with a hair dryer. Super simple!

Now that we cleared that up, click here to see a nice selection plush toys.

How to handle the storage

Pay some attention to the place you store your kid’s toys. You should definitely have a special toy chest, because otherwise they will lie all over the floor. And there’s nothing that makes your blood boil more than accidentally stepping on a toy car while carrying something fragile!

Also, storing them in a covered box will keep them out of the dust. Let’s face it, no matter what you do, there will always be some dust everywhere.

For this sort of job, a wooden toy box such as the ones I’m talking in this article here could do the job just fine. Take a look!

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