Noah’s Ark Toys

The stories that parents usually tell their children before going to sleep are a great source of inspiration for toy creators.

Toys inspired by these stories are very educational and help children imagine themselves in a fairytale world where they can play all time.

The biblical story of Noah’s ark is one such source of inspiration for creating wonderful toys for children.

The story that inspired the invention of Noah’s ark toys

This story is one that really captives both children and adults. If you haven’t read it, I recommend you to do it. You will love it as much as your child.

Many thousands of years ago, the biblical character Noah was one of the last good people left on earth.

So God contacted him one night, and told him to build an ark, the biggest ship the world has ever seen.

Noah obeyed him and when the ark was finished, God started sending one pair of all the animal species in the world to get on board Noah’s ark.

When all animals, Noah and his family went on board, started a powerful rain that made the waters rise up and kill all animals and people that were not on the ark.

After forty days, Noah’s ark eventually stopped on a mountain peek. From that point, the passengers started to repopulate the virgin world that God offered them.

Noah’s ark toys

There aren’t many toys inspired by Noah’s ark story. However, the few Noah’s ark toys that can be found are of high quality. They are made for young children, and are very funny. Take a look at the Noah’s ark toy below:

Noah's Ark Toy

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A child would surely love a toy like this. Those tiny exotic animals are the ones that will make a child feel that he’s taking part in the Noah’s ark story.

For a baby, or a younger toddler, you should take a look at this Noah’s ark toy. This toy is not as detailed as the one above, because it is made to help children learn how different animals look like and their names.

It is a wonderful learning toy, and I believe that it will help your child a lot in the process of learning about the world around.

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