Monsters versus Aliens Toys

Everytime the guys at DreamWorks set out to do something, they  manage to make it perfect.

That’s also the case with the 2009 Monsters versus Aliens animation that got every kid in the world get back in the fantastic world of aliens, robots and, of course, monsters! Mwahahaha! Hear that evil doctor laught!

I just got the chance to see this cool movie and it was a really relaxing one and a half hour, with a plot covering everything from evil aliens and superhero monsters saving the day, to love and drama caused by a selfish weather TV guy.

The basic story goes like this: a really beautiful girl, Sarah, is set to marry this Derek guy. All goes according to plan, until out of nowhere, a meteor hits Sarah and infects her with quantonium, the most powerful substance in the universe. Inevitably, she starts glowing green and she immediately turns into a giant.

Well, the wedding gets ruined and the military capture and send her to secret facility where they also keep four other monsters: Dr. Cockroach Ph.D, B.O.B, The Missing Link and Insectosaurus, which used to terrorize Tokyo back in the day.

Monsters versus Aliens Toys

They are supposed to stay there forever, but luck has it that an alien is attacking the Earth looking for the quantonium that Sarah, now Ginormica, has inside of her.

The five monsters are the only thing that can stop the aliens, so they are promised that if they do it, they will be released. So after battling the enemy on the streets of San Francisco and on the alien ship, they defeat the evil guys and they are set free, only to take on another job saving the planet somewhere near Paris.

Monsters versus Aliens toys

The movie caused quite a stir among children everywhere and it is one of the best sold movies on 2009. Obviously, there were plenty of Monsters versus Aliens toys that were released together with the movie so that every kid could get closer to his favorite characters in the movie.

There are quite a few action figures depicting the main characters of the film. You can easily get an Dr. cockroach, BOB or the Missing Link action figure for you little kid.

you can get your kid much closer to the action with a whole range of video games which offer great graphics and leave a child full control of the universe and the result of each battle.

Monsters versus Aliens is one great movie for kids and together with the accompanying merchandise, offers a fantastic universe in which any child can jump in and have a great time.

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