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You probably are aware that the movie of the moment is Monsters University. If you didn’t get a chance to get your child to the movie theater yet, don’t wait any longer! It’s probably the best kid’s movie this year.

Just to get through the story fast, the movie is a prequel to the 2001 Monsters Inc., where a city populated by monsters confronts itself with an energy crisis. The surprising thing is that the ‘fuel’ they use is the screams of little kids and in order to power their town, an entire industry is built around the idea of scaring little children :d

Monsters University Inspired ToysTo spice thing up, those monsters are actually scared to death by children! They have to deal with them as a ‘necessary evil’. You wouldn’t believe the stories monsters have about kids!

Well, none is better at scaring kids that the team of James P. Sullivan and Mike Wazowski.

In Monsters University, those two characters are followed from the moment they meet in school, go through a series of challenges and become best friends. I’m not giving any spoilers, but they did make me recollect my college years, now that I finished them last year.

Launched just two weeks ago, the movie is a box office hit, grossing in more than 300 million dollars. That makes me realize that kids are mad about it!

And just like any good movie, it come with a full range of kids toys to choose from. Unfortunately, retailers didn’t move fast enough for me to get one for my girlfriend’s birthdays. I was planning on getting a plush Sullivan, but there just wasn’t any to be found at the time. Oh well. I was hoping I’d find one about half her size, but it wasn’t to be.

Fortunately, now, almost two weeks from the movie’s launch, there are plenty of Monster University toys to choose from, as there are many parents (and a couple of other people looking for a cool gift for their girlfriends) looking for them.

At Amazon, you’ll find all characters in the movie (as well as from the previous), mainly as plush toys, but also as figurines. Even McDonalds has Monsters University based toys.

If your kid’s saw the movie, then she’s probably in love with the characters. They’re just lovable. Impossible not to like. Given that, I think it’s a safe bet that she’ll love getting a Sullivan of Mike Wazowski plush doll, or any of the other characters. Take a look at some of the choices available.

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