Lord of the Rings Toys

Lord of the Rings is the type of movie that captivates you from the first moment and doesn’t let you go that easily.

Many children and adults are so passionate about Lord of the Rings that they want something to remind them about the most interesting characters in the movie.

Lord of the Rings Toys

Lord of the Rings toys are ideal for this job. While children can play with them, Lord of the Rings toys can also be used as decorative objects to impress friends.

The first time I saw Lord of the Rings, Fellowship of the Ring, I was astounded. The second time I saw Lord of the Rings, it was already my favorite movie. The same happened with the next two parts of the movie.

I think that Lord of the Rings is the best movie in history. I do not think there is another movie that can at least equal the grace of Lord of the Rings. The number of Oscars won by the third part of the trilogy, Return of the King, speaks for itself.

It certainly is my favorite movie.

I’m not the only one passionate about this movie. Millions fell in love with Lord of the Rings after seeing this movie only once and every one of them wanted to have Frodo, Gandalf or even an orc in his house.

However, having the original characters in the house is not possible. Even if it would be possible, the costs would be enormous.

The solution was to create replicas of the original Lord of the Rings characters. This way, Lord of the Rings toys were invented and are now available to all Lord of the Rings fans.

Lord of the Rings toys reprezenting important characters in the movie

Aragorn Toy

My favorite Lord of the Rings character is Aragorn. He was born to be a leader and he does his job perfectly. Although he is young, he is very wise and knows how to handle challenges.

There are many Lord of the Rings toys reprezenting him.

My second preferred character is Sméagol. I don’t know if I like most his looks or the role he has in the story.

What I know is that the graphic animators did a wonderful job, making him look so realistic. His role was very important because without his help, Frodo wouldn’t have destroyed the Ring.

In addition, an important role he has is to make us laugh. His replica is already well known: “My preciousss…”. I liked Smeagol’s appearance at MTV Movie Awards. It was in his usual Lord of the Rings style.

I must not forget Frodo. He is the main character in the movie. He is the one who bares the weight of the powerful Ring of Power. And there are quite a lot of interesting Lord of the Rings toys representing him.

Of course, I could go on till the infinity with the Lord of the Rings Characters that I love.

I can’t talk about every one of them because there isn’t enough space on the page. There are plenty more Lord of the Rings toys that are worth mentioning, but I’ll leave that to you.

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