Knex Toys

Knex (or K’Nex) is one of the best known construction toys in the world. Since I was a little kid watching Cartoon Network and seeing all those Knex commercials, I wanted to have my own construction set.

And my parents got me one eventually.

Boy, did I have fun with it. I assembled and disassembled the poor car tens of times until I managed to loose a couple of its pieces.

Just like LEGO, Knex is an extraordinary educational toy. It helps children understand how things go together, which piece fits where and why.

K'nex Toys

A child will learn to think logically. His imagination will get wider by picturing ahead the structure he is going to build, and even inventing others by tweaking the original one.

Knex also helps children socialize. A group of kids will get together and brainstorm new construction ideas and have fun. Play is the main way of building friendships, something everybody needs, young or adult.

The birth of Knex is due to a pretty weird event. Joel Glickman was attending a boring wedding party and, out of something better to do, he started paying with straws.

At that moment, something clicked in his head which led to him inventing one of the most popular building system for children in the world.

Thanks to his dabbling, children today have a tool that makes them use their imagination to the fullest by building everything from cars, boats and airplanes o roller coasters and cranes.

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