King Kong Toys

When the first King Kong movie was released in 1933, it was a masterpiece. People would go to cinemas and be totally amazed by it.

The 2005 remake by Peter Jackson, the same director that directed the fabulous Lord of the Rings series, is even more spectacular. With the modern graphics and a better script, children just went crazy for King Kong.

And as with any major kid’s movie hit, there’s a whole new line of King Kong toys and gadgets for children to choose from. Most of these are miniatures of the mighty Kong. Kids love them as they can recreate scenes from their favorite movie. What can be more rewarding than showing your friends what the king of beasts can do?

King Kong Toys

But there are also toys based on the other characters in the movie and the beasts on Skull Island, the fabulous place where the oversized gorilla originates from. They are just as extraordinary, guaranteed to make youngsters play for hours in a row.

If your child has seen the movie and loved it, then buying him a King Kong toy would certainly be a welcomed gesture. But even for a kid who hasn’t seen it, a mighty gorilla will still be a great toy with which he’ll have lots of fun.

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