Jay Jay the Jet Plane Toys

The Jay Jay the Jet Plane series

Jay Jay the Jet Plane toys are a very popular collection of wooden toys inspired by the well known TV series, Jay Jay the Jet Plane.

A huge hit with children, the series has about 60 episodes of computer generated images, each about 25 minutes long.

The whole action takes place in an imaginary airport called Tarrytown. The main character is Jay Jay, who’s a small jet airliner.

Just like Thomas the Tank Engine, Jay Jay the Jet Plane has numerous friends in the airport. One of them is Tracy, another jet airliner. She’s six years old, just like Jay Jay.

Jay Jay The Jet Plane Toy

Others are Herky, a five years old helicopter, Big Jake, a cargo carrier with a father figure and Savannah, a supersonic airliner with a mother figure.

There are also human characters in the Jay Jay the Jet Plane series. Such as the librarian Miss Jones or Easy O’Malley, the founder of EZ Airlines

The whole actions that take place are very interesting for children.

Jay Jay the Jet Plane toys

Because the popular kept rising, the producers decided to create Jay Jay the Jet Plane toys, so that every child could have one of the characters he loved so much.

Jay Jay the Jet Plane toys are made of wooden toys because wood offers higher durability and it also makes them safer.

If your child is a passionate of the series, it’s great to get him a couple of Jay Jay the Jet Plane toys and he’ll have lots of fun with them.

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