Iron Man Toys and Action Figures

Just like with the launch of every new movie that’s a hit with children, the upcoming Iron Man 3 is set to bring together a new wave of themed toys and action figures that kids will die for.

Iron Man 3 will arrive in theaters next week, on May 3rd, and the whole rumble surrounding it suggests that it will be as successful as the first two parts. I can’t wait to see what happens next, because I’ve enjoyed the previous films and in the last two or three weeks I’ve even watched the other movies in the family (Thor, Captain America, The Avengers).

If you don’t know who Iron Man is, the story is pretty straight forward: Tony Stark is a billionaire playboy who built his wealth manufacturing weapons. He now leads an elegant live, parties nearly every day, is courted by women etc.

However, during a visit to the Middle East, he is kidnapped. But he’s a kick ass engineer and manages to build a super costume using the scraps on hand. Using this metallic suit, he wreaks havoc on the terrorist camp and escapes.

Once home, he improves the super-hero costume using all the technology at his disposal. And he’s got all of it!  And that’s when the bad guys come in and he has to save the day.

Much of the success of the movies is due to the fact that they’re inspired by the hugely popular Marvel comics. Iron Man first came to life in 1962 and throughout the years, he’s become part of our collective consciousness, much like the other characters who’ve inspired the recent wave of comic book movies.

And what kid doesn’t like super hero stories?

What Iron Man toys can you find?

First, and most notable, there are the Iron Man action figures. There are a number of them and they are quite different. The reason is that Iron Man has several costumes that he uses in different situations. This perhaps isn’t directly obvious in the movies, but in the comics is clearly comes out. There is, actually, a scene in The Avengers where he opens a huge closet full of these costumes.

There is, for instance, an outfit for deep-sea salvage missions. Another one built to beat the three Japanese Masters of Silence.

Each costume differs in the level of complexity. Most have around 18 articulation points, but some are even more complex than that.

Iron Man Action FigureBesides action figures, there are a number of toys that will literally put your kid in Iron Man’s shoes.

For instance, you can get this Iron Man mask which makes a series of visual and sound effects and you’ll have your very own super hero running around the house.

You can also a weapon called “Tri- Power Repulsor“, which, in addition to the awesome light and sound effects, can launch four small rockets. Now that’s how you fend off your enemies!

I particularly enjoyed the fact that there are quite a few Iron Man inspired LEGO sets. They totally kick ass and yeah, you know it, they have those cute Iron Man LEGO men! Isn’t that cool?

So, are you ready for grand opening?

With such toys available, you can now prepare your kid a surprise for when the movie will be running in theatres and his desire will be highest.

Go take a look at this selection of Iron Man toys and action figures. I’m sure you’ll find one that you little super hero will totally love!

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