Ice Age Plush Toys

I remember when I was in eighth grade and the first Ice Age movie came out. Boy, was I laughing for the full one hour and 20 minutes! It was the most hilarious thing I’ve seen in my whole life and I was sure that it was going onne of the greatest movies in history.

I was right! They’ve released two more sequels in the next few years, The MeltdownThe Dawn of Dinosaurs, and they’re now working on a fourth! Yeah, Continental Drift! Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

The entire series has been so successful because it appeals both to kid and adult audiences. There is plenty of funny stuff for everybody.

Scrat Ice Age Plush ToyAnd while the stories were great intriguing in and of themselve, what really made them come to life were the characters. From the first scene which is always Scrat trying to get his hands on his nut, it’s all a continuous laughter.

Ice Age Plush Toys

Since the movie was such a hit with kids, it was only natural for a whole bunch of toys to be made after it. Well, I believe that the most interesting of all are the Ice age plush toys.

Well, actually, I’m not even sure there are others…


First, you’ve got Scrat, that nut-manic squirrel that’s going to do everything just to get its paws on that last nut left in the world. Always just one inch short of reaching it, he gets itself in al sort of weird and funny situations.

And when he finally gets it…something has to happen and so he loses it 🙂

The plush toys picturing Scrat have kept his funny appearance and they’re just as hilarious a he is.


Then there is Sid… Although Scrat is definitely unusual, Sid is by far the strangest looking character in the movie. I don’t know what’s the funniest… his pointy tooth or his whole body. The plush toys based on Sid are awesome!

Diego and Manny

Now I don’t want to say that the Diego the tiger and Manny the mammoth are less funny than the other two, but they certainly are the more serious of the while gang. They actually have real problems to deal with and not just the daily trivia.

These characters are the ones that give the movie its solid foundations, making it a bit deeper than the surface comedy.

Other characters

Each of the three movie that came out so far has a bunch of other characters that hel build the story.  The first that comes to mind is Buck, from The Dawn of Dinosaurs, the mentally ill weasel that helps the original gang get away from the hungry dinosaurs. He’s so messed up that you simply cannot not love him.

There’s a whole bunch of Ice Age plush toys to choose from. Your best bet would be to go for your kid’s favorite character (most likely Scrat or Sid). Otherwise, they’re all super nice. Here’s a nice selection below.



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