Giant Plush Microbes

Don’t touch that! Its’ full of germs!

With all the care and effort that we put into making sure our homes are as clean and germ-free as possible, it is at the very least a bit strange that somebody would even think of launching a collection of plush microbe toys.

But it did happen and, what’s really shocking, it is actually quite successful! Kids love the Giant Plush Microbes, but adults enjoy them a lot also. They’re great props for when you have your friends over 🙂

I must say that the idea is neat. You take something that nobody in the world would even consider wanting and turn it into a really cute, fluffy toy that is simply irresistible. That’s genius!

What better way to learn about the icky things?

What the producers insist on, and I agree with them, is that these stuffed toys are actually educational. You know that the flu, for instance, is bad for you. But with these cute stuffed toys, you can actually visualize how the virus looks like and interferes with your organism.

Giant Plush Microbes

The Giant Plush Microbes are especially great if your kid is fascinated with science. Not only can he play with them, but also you can explain him what those microbes do to the human body. It is a pretty entertaining way of learning about these things. Who knows, maybe it will spark your child’s interest and he’ll later end up a successful doctor.

Each of these plush bugs comes with a card describing the diseases and the symptoms it generates. As somebody said it all too well, “Yucky and Wonderful!!!”.

How do you find the Giant Plush Microbes?

Just like in the real life, there’s a bunch of giant microbes from which to choose from. So the manufacturers have decided to categorize them according to the way they are transmitted and the way they affect the human body. Here are a few words about each of them:

In my opinion, the most spectacular or all these pests are the Aerials, which include annoying insects such as mosquitoes and a variety of flies. With these plush toys, you can now get a closer look at their anatomy so that the next time you want to squash them, you can do it while admiring their unique physique.

You’ll see that the Critters are also a really fun bunch. Definitely a colorful and diverse gang, I can certainly say that these are the ones that kids will love most. You have the bed bug, the flea, the dust mite and a handful of other lovely insects.

I also enjoyed the Infarmeries category. Did you know that the Chicken Pox germ looks like a chicken? Well, hey there, Captain Obvious! I really had no idea where that name came from 🙂

Don’t you hate Alimentary illneses? They always seem to happen at the wrong time. Well, you’ll learn to love them once you see how cute the E-Coli bacteria looks like!

You’d think that Exotic illnesses like the Bird or the Swine Flu are some bad ass viruses that look like a miniature version of The Hulk! You’d be wrong. I don’t think I’ve see a virus that looks more harmless than that. But appearances are treacherous!

Curios how some of the Tropical viruses look like? Well, you’ll be surprised how cute some of them really are, like the West Nile or Malaria.

Well, I could go on to describe all the other categories, but I’ll stop and just mention the ones that are left: Ambulatories, Menageries, Maladies, Corporeals and Venereals.

Just like I said, the Giant Plush Microbes are fantastic plush toys because they’re educational for kids and also interesting for adults who enjoy shocking their friends.

To get your hands on them, go see all of them on, where you’ll get a really good bargain!

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