Education Toys That Never Go Out of Style

Written by Erica A Brooks

By definition, education toys are built for children’s use. They educate, instruct, and help develop a child’s intellect and their emotional and physical development from a very young age.

Educational toys teach children subjects and even help them develop skills that will be useful to them when they start attending school. Essentially, an education toy is one that is used for interaction and development.

Parents often ask which types of toys would be best for their child to play with based on how old the child is. Below is some information on a few toys children can play with that not only engage them physically, but socially as well.

Education toys are primarily designed to encourage a child’s development at different stages of their lives.

For example, wooden blocks are often given to preschool-aged children to help them understand casual relationships, cooperation, and the basics of science, such as when a block falls off the top of a structure, it will continue to fall until something stops the fall.

Blocks also help develop hand-eye coordination by building strength into a child’s fingers and hands. On an intellectual level, blocks can help develop a child’s vocabulary as he or she learns shapes, sizes, and where things go.

Math skills are learned with unit blocks such as addition, subtraction, and geometry and for another plus, children can receive creative stimulation through making their own designs.

In elementary school, manipulative toys can be used to help reinforce the skills taught by the building blocks. Legos and puzzles challenge children to further their eye-hand coordination techniques. Children begin to develop an understanding of spatial relationships.

Elementary school children usually play with sets used for construction which include a lot of motors and moving parts that help them understand a few fundamentals on how the world works.

Toys are fun for children of almost any age, but it is when a child is young that they should start playing with them. Education toys teach a child to share and interact with other children, develop intellect, and introduce a child to learning.

Erica is a mother of two who enjoys sharing helpful tips that help couples to save time and money while growing their family. She believes that learning should be fun for kids of all ages. For more fun education toys ideas including education toys for babies and toddlers visit

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