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I suppose that we can all agree that these days, getting computers for children is no longer a fad as it was just a few years ago, but really a necessity. We live in a world where learning computers skills from an early age is more than a simple advantage, it’s a basic requirement to be able to get around in the society.

So when parents ask me whether they should invest in a computer system for their little kids, I wholeheartedly say Oh yes! Ten times, yes!

So, why are computers for children necessary?

Because this is the world we live in

Computers occupy an increasing role in our day to day life. Everywhere you go, you’ll  find computers. At office or at home, they are almost indispensable.

You have to know at least their basics so that you can efficiently do what you need to do. And this will only get more important in the coming years as the world moves towards a digitalized future.

Computers for ChildrenChildren are extremely talented at absorbing the ways of the technology. I was looking at my two year old cousin working his way around the computer and was astounded to see that he was doing so much better than many adults who are struggling with this. Can’t wait to see what he’ll do in a couple of years.

You should definitely introduce computers to your child early. Doing this, the kid will find himself adapting much easier to the ever-changing technology. Nobody knows what the future will bring, but it will come natural to him.

They’re fun

Now, it is true that your kid will most likely spend a great deal of his time in front of the computer playing. I know when I got my first computer, you couldn’t get me to leave it if the house was on fire.

I understand that this will most likely bring in some frictions between you and your child. But try to remember that playing is one of the best ways to learn stuff. From the moment we’re born, the things that we learn best are those that we like to play with.

Now, you’ll ask me ‘What’s there to learn from playing World of Warcraft?’. Although some games don’t have any obvious educational purpose, your child will still have a lot to gain from getting familiar with the way the games work. They also include an important component of socialization.

At some point, games will no longer be your kid’s priority and he will start exploring the other uses of the computer.

After I got over my video game phase, I became more interested in how they work, the internet, 3D modeling and so on. Now I can proudly say that I know a lot about computers, and I thank my parents for buying me one at an early age.

There’s a wide range of educational computer software for kids available

Every year, companies release an ever increasing array of educational products as computer programs and electronic encyclopedias. Unlike traditional books, these products feature a full range of cute graphic, audio and video materials that give them a unique interactivity that you won’t get anywhere else.

Kids love it when they push a button and some cute puppy starts talking to them.

How are children affected by computers?

Do they affect the eyes?

When I was growing up, there were numerous stories and legends about the way computers would damage your eyes if you spent too much time in front of them.

The fact of the matter is that spending time in front of a computer is no more dangerous for the eyes than reading a book. What is truly harming is the use of small fonts (both in books and on computers) where you have to squint or get very close. When that happens, the eyes try to adapt, but they inevitably are affected.

That’s why children’s books and software designed for kids use large, clear forts.

One other thing that I noticed was affecting me was the monitor’s refresh rate. At 60 Hz, my head would start to hurt. But if you get a monitor that has a refresh rate of 85 and up, this issue completely disappears.

The tendency for isolation

One of the issues that I think is more important is the fact that kids will get so hooked up with their PCs that they will neglect everything else. Playing outside and socializing with other kids in a very important element for the well development of every child.

So you will have to make sure that your child does not neglect his real life socializing skills because of video games.

How to find the best computers for children?

You can think of them as toys that are somewhat more sophisticated.

The difference is that unlike most toys, computers are somewhat more expensive. But their prices today are pocket change compared to what they were a couple of years ago. And you can think of it as an investment. Whatever money you spend for a PC today will come back multiplied in the form of a better understanding and knowledge for your kid.

What you want to be looking for is a system that all modern video games will run smooth on. For that, you want a desktop pc that has lots of RAM memory, plenty of storage, good processing power and an awesome video card.

Computer Gaming System for ChildrenThe system on the right is a fantastic deal. It has a memory of 4GB DDR3, 1.5 TB storage capacity, an AMD Athlon II X4 640 3.0GHz processor and ATI Radeon HD 5570 1GB Graphics, at the price of $529.

With this kind of configuration, your child will be equipped to play all the video games available today and many of those that will be released in the following few years. Go buy it right here.

What is great about a system like this is that is well equipped to handle all sort of other activities that your kid will like after he’ll get over the vieo game pahes, like web design, photo and video editing and much more.

You should take a look at some more of the specially designed gaming desktop systems at TigerDirect to find other great deals.

Later on, when playing computer games will no longer be your child main activity, this computer will be a solid platform that he will use for other purposes: net surfing, learning, 3D modeling, etc.

What’s next?

Now that you chose the best system for your child, the next step is to also get an appropriate child computer monitor.

The system above comes with a really cool keyboard and mouse, but you can do a much better job by getting a more personal child computer keyboard.

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