Cinderella’s Twinkle Lights Pumpkin Horse & Carriage Review

Cinderella’s carriage awaits to take her to the ball in sparkling style. Only a fairy godmother could create this round transparent purple coach emblazoned with an elegant “C” on the doors and front.

Working doors on either side of the carriage open to receive Cinderella and seat her on the pink tufted bench inside.

When Cinderella puts her weight on the step, she activates the coach lamps on the four corners of the carriage, which create a twinkling light to mark the way (powered by two “AA batteries).

Actual moving wheels and a dashing white mare with glittery pink highlights in her mane whisk Cinderella off to her grand destination.

This carriage actually fits the 12-inch Twinkle Lights Cinderella doll (not included) inside of it for more realistic re-enactments of this enchanting scene.

There’s also space for the Prince Charming doll to climb aboard and join Cinderella. Just make sure you get Cinderella back before midnight!

You can buy Cinderella’s twinkle lights pumpkin horse & carriage here.

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