Children’s Pedal Cars

Among any child’s favorite toys, you will certainly find toy cars. They see cars everywhere, on TV or on the streets when they are playing in the park. They even help their father fix the car when needed.

All this makes the toy car a necessity for a child’s development. He wants to feel like an adult, as if he’s taking part in the world surrounding him. He can now take adult responsibilities and activities. You can only imagine how much joy this play creates.

But what if instead of just playing around with a toy car, your child can actually ride one? Now that is truly fantastic!

Pedal Car

He’s not only imagining it, he’s a real driver now. He can drive his own toy pedal car wherever he wants. He can go to work, pick up some tools from a friend or go shopping. Isn’t that fun?

A pedal car is perfect for toddlers. They love to use their feet and this is their chance to do it at their fullest.

A pedal car is basically a Quadra cycle with a car body. A child or two can fit in, depending on the model. It has a fully functional steering wheel and direction. Your child in charge of a fully functional scaled car.

They come in various models. There are vintage pedal cars which reproduce classic automobiles from the 30s, 40s and 50s.

Others are replicas of public utility vehicles such as fire truck pedal cars or excavators, and even airplanes.

You can definitely find a good array to choose for your child. And be sure he won’t be disappointed.

So go ahead and take a look at this great selection of pedal cars on

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