Choosing a Child Computer Keyboard

Being the piece of computer hardware that directly interacts with your kid, choosing a child computer keyboard should be looked as an important step in a computer purchase.

The special child computer keyboard will be used a lot when your kid will play computer games or surf the internet. He’ll even get attached to it at some level.

A good thing is to try to maintain a childish atmosphere with all the objects you purchase for a child. A stimulating environment can only lead to good things in the future.

The same is with the child computer keyboard. As you know, most computers today have that official corporate look, by far not the image you’d want your child to experience. A more childish keyboard is recommended. One that will blend with the overall look and feel of your kid’s room.

Child computer keyboards for different age groups

For younger children, up to 8 or 9 years, you should choose a computer keyboard that uses different colors on the keys (red, blue, green, etc.), to differentiate them. The letters in one color, the function keys with another. This helps kids (especially preschoolers) understand the difference between letters, numbers and special characters.

These colored child computer keyboards can be bought for girls even older than 9 as they still love childish things. Boys of the same age however no longer accept them because they are becoming men. For them, a black keyboard or better, a gray one is a much better choice.

As a tip, never buy simple white computer keyboards to children. They can still do the job, but the computer is your child’s property. It’s not the same tool you use at the office.

You don’t give your child a real car to play with. You give him a toy car. It’s the same thing with a computer (keyboard). A child computer keyboard does the same thing as a normal one, but the name itself shows its purpose.

If you haven’t already done so, take this guide to choose a child computer monitor.

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