Cars 2 Movie Toys Review

I recently had the pleasure to watch the second Cars movie created by the guys at Pixar and I’ve got to be honest.. It’s not as good as the first one. There was simply something missing, but I can’t put the finger on it.

The main storyline in a few words

Well, this time, the story no longer takes place in Radiator Springs as in the first movie. The plot takes the characters all over the World, to Tokyo and the French Riviera where Lightning McQueen has to race, among others, the champion Francesco Bernoulli, an Italian formula one car played by John Turturro.

But get this! The story takes an unexpected twist and somehow, Mater, who turns out to be the main character in this movie, gets involved in deals that are in the realm on international espionage. Obviously, that happened thanks to his talent of being at the wrong place at the wrong time, running into the wrong people and falling in love with a beautiful spy 🙂

So he’s mistaken for a real spy and now has to prevent the bad guys from sabotaging McQueen’s race. And he has all the secret gadgets at his disposal.

Cars 2 Movie ToysOf course, there is some drama, with McQueen getting mad at Mater and not understanding him, but that’s all in the past in the end when the world is saved and all is good.

What are the new toys based on the Cars 2 movie ?

The first toys that we can find are those based on the main characters, like Lightning McQueen and Mater. The’ve been the kids’ favorite and they haven’t changed much from the first Cars movie.

But there are also the new characters in the mix, like Finn McMissle, a british intelligence officer who help Mater in achieving the secret mission he’s got involved in.  Another one is Holley Shiftwell, a purple beauty that Mater falls in love with.

The coolest of all, however, I believe is Siddeley the Spy Jet Transporter. This is the plane that takes Mater and the other spies throughout the world.

If you take a look below, you’ll find a box with all the Cars 2 toys on Amazon, with their prices.

Your kid will love them!

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