Barbie Ken Dolls

The Birth Of The Barbie Ken Doll

The first Barbie doll in the world was sold in 1959. She was very successful right from the start, selling more that 350.000 units only in the first year. However, by the year 1961, Barbie was already very lonely. So, the Handler husbands decided to offer her a boyfriend.

They started work immediately and soon after, Barbie Ken doll was born. They named this doll “Ken” after their son, Ken.

In fact, most dolls in the Barbie series have the name of someone in the Handler family, like their grandchildren Stacie, Todd and Cheryl.

Barbie Ken Doll

Once designed, Barbie Ken started being sold together with Barbie as her boyfriend. They are the ideal couple. They both have unique traits that make them the most wonderful pair. Barbie and Ken spend their free time having lots of fun and visiting all the beautiful places on earth.

Like Barbie, Ken dolls have really interesting dimensions. As a study revealed, the possibility of a real woman to have the proportions that a Barbie doll has are very slim, just 1 in 100.000.

However, Barbie Ken dolls have more realistic proportions, the likelihood of a real man having his proportions being about 1 in 50.

Although Barbie Ken dolls have difficult dimensions, there are plenty of boys out there who are trying to achieve a body shape similar to Ken’s.

The Barbie Ken is a wonderful doll that makes you want to play with your child. Adding one to your child’s Barbie collection is a must.

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