Barbie is better than Bratz

Barbie, the most popular of all dolls, recently began being booed by feminists and other groups that really have nothing in common with the doll.

Heather Robbins wrote an article on this matter to try to stop this trend. She makes it as clear as possible:

What I don’t understand about feminists’ hatred of Barbie is that she was a pioneer in the feminist movement.

She was the first female doll to be an astronaut, firefighter, scientist, doctor, soldier and pilot when these professions were dominantly male.

One of the reasons for the Barbie’s decline is the Bratz doll, which enjoys a much more ‘aggressive’ marketing from its creator, Mattel.

Girls today beg their mothers to buy them Bratz, totally forgetting about the doll that made history.

No matter what people say, Barbie doesn’t not embody any bad traits.

If girls use Barbies to play party and kissing games, the influence is coming from other places, not Barbie.

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