Barbie – One Of The 101 Most Influential People

A new book has hit the stands that has been a “filler” topic for many talk radio programs this week. Called The 101 Most Influential People Who Never Lived, the book is penned by three authors who rate fictional characters of literature and film who they feel had the greatest influence on society.

The book is being treated as light, amusing reading, with USA Today quoting author Lazar as saying, “The point of the book is to entertain”. Most radio interviews I have heard have treated it as a “fun” topic.

Lazar also issued a few digs at how capitalism has made his characters able to influence these bad things in our society. The radio host noticed the pattern. “A lot of these are pretty negative on capitalism” he said. Dr. Lazar agreed, pointing out that the reason they put Barbie on the list is because “Barbie teaches every girl that, to be happy, you have to own everything.”

That greedy girl.

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