Toy Suggestions For 0 to 6 Month Old Babies

Having a new baby is not easy and being a parent in those early few months can be a really tough job. Bombarded with information from all over the place, sometimes even contradicting eachother, it’s natural to feel somewhat confused…

What’s a parent to do?

Without trying to add to the clutter, I’ve put together a short guide to help you get an idea of the types of toys recommended for babies in every development stage. I’ll cover toys for babies 0 to 6 months on this page.

If your little bambino just happened to grow a little older than that, I’ll post a guide for babies of 7 to 12 months in a couple of days.

Without further ado, let’s go into the fun stuff.

What does a baby of 0 to 6 months like to do?

Toys for this age are primarily designed to stimulate the infant’s senses. Esentially, they’re made for looking, listening, sucking and fingering.

Infants really like seeing:

  • Simple designs
  • Bright primary colors (red, green, blue, black and white)
  • High contrast
  • Clear lines and features
  • Human faces and especially the eyes
  • Something like a bull’s eye pattern

Babies 0 to 2 months don’t move all that much, so they enjoy seeing or hearing interesting things… like a beautiful bed time story.

Babies 2 to 6 months on the other hand are blasting with energy and they show a growing interest in touching, battling, shaking, turning, kicking, mouthing and tasting objects.

All infants enjoy variety and toys made for watching are so much more appealing if they also move and produce some sounds. Just not too sharp or too sudden.

So what toys do I recommend?

For infants of 0 to 2 months, there are a few classic toys that have stood the test of time.

  • Soft hand puppets, held and manipulated by adults. They’re great, especially if you make that into a fun theater act.
  • Stuffed toys, such as small plush animals, music box animals (operated and monitored for safety by adults)
  • Grab-on soft toys
  • Soft Squeeze balls and texture balls
  • CD or otherwise music with gentle and regular rhythms.
  • Books. Every baby loves hearing the parent’s voice, and telling a story is a great way to do it.

For infants of 2 to 4 months

  • Simple baby rattles, in all shapes and colors. They make those sharp noises that immediately catch the attention, and with their bright contrasting colors, they easily make the baby focus.
  • Teething toys
  • Light, sturdy cloth toys
  • Squeeze toys
  • Toys that you can suspend above or to the side of the baby for batting or grasping. Careful, don’t use long strings which may pose a danger.

For babies 4 to 6 months

  • Mirrors (large enough and unbreakable), fastened to the crib or playpen.
  • Music boxes
  • Soft blocks


A few safety points that you should consider


All toys must respect all the safety features recomended for babies, but mountable toys should especially have that. They all should have:

  • No sharp points or edges
  • No small parts that can be swallowed
  • No glass
  • No long strings


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