Baby Developmental Toys For 0-6 Months

Written by Lani Black

When your baby is first born, everything is new to them. They are already wired to begin learning as a means of survival. The best way to stimulate this natural instinct is with the right baby developmental toys.

The right baby developmental toys must stimulate your baby’s natural growing stage. Self awareness will reveal to him his body, arms, feet, etc. To help him develop hand-eye coordination baby gyms or mobiles are great since they will stimulate the muscles used for reaching, grasping turning over and sitting up with no support.

Your baby will spend the first six months of his life testing out his sensory and motor skills. Of his five senses, sight is the least developed while touch is keenest. You search for the right baby developmental toys should therefore include toys such as wooden picture books that incorporate different textures.

Your child will begin to recognize and sort out all of the sounds that were once muffled. By the time they are six months old, your child can recognize his own name and recognize the direction of sound. A mobile that incorporates both texture and sounds is best as it will not only stimulate his senses of touch and sound, but also be an early introduction of cause and effect.

To stimulate his vision, you are looking for baby developmental toys that are brightly colored as he will show a preference for 2-toned objects as well as contrasting colors. The colors he can distinguish best are white, black and red. He will also be most interested in faces, so the most appropriate baby developmental toys would be a baby safe mirror or something that forms accurate reflections.

For extra safety make sure none of the toys have string, lead or small objects like buttons that can easily become chocking hazards as he begins mouthing.

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