Angry Birds Plush Toys

Now, I’m not much of a video game freak… I’ve no idea what kids play these days. I only pop out Heroes III every three months or so, for old time’s sake. I’m not really into video Games anymore…

But, oh my god! For the last month or so, I’ve been completely hooked by the Angry Birds Rio game! I got myself one of those smart phones and now, every time I get the chance, I can’t help destroying some stuff and killing some evil monkeys!

The angry birds are now for real!

It was all fun and cool to have those furious feathered animals at your disposal.. Whenever you felt like throwing something, they were right there.

Well guess what! The angry birds are now coming out from the virtual world and are ready to kick some ass! Are we all in danger??? What can we do?


They’re only coming out as plush toys! Can you imagine what the world would look like if they were actually alive and ready for destruction? God, have mercy on us 🙂

Angry Birds Plush ToysSo yeah, the Angry Birds plush toys are now available and every kid out there who was hooked by the video game can now do the same thing in the house. You know, things like knocking off fragile and expensive decorative you may have in the living room 🙂 The physics work pretty much the same as in the video game 😛

Ok, I was kidding… No child would try to do something like that…

I really believe that they’re really fantastic as plush toys. They’re characters that many kids and, well adults, have fallen in love with.

Here’s a video they’ve made. It’s super hilarious. I was laughing hysterically when I saw it.

And below you’ll find a selection of the Angry Birds plush toys you can find on Amazon. Have fun!


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