Angry Birds Knock On Wood Game

Omg, omg, omg!  I was so scared when I heard that the mad birds were coming to life in the real world with the launch of the Angry Birds plush toys.

But this time I’m terrified! They are now coming out ready for war and destruction. There are no longer some cute and cuddly plush toys, they’re frightening!

I’m talking, of course, about the new Angry Birds Knock On Wood Game 🙂

You didn’t expect them to stay safely inside your phone forever, right? After capturing the hearts of kids and adults everywhere, the highly temperamental birds are leaving the touch screen in yet another form, this time as a really entertaining game.

The new game set from Mattel includes three different birds and three pigs, a few wooden blocks and a number of other props to make the palace more interesting.

Angry Birds Knock on Wood GameThe set includes a slingshot to launch the furious birds against the fortress of the pigs. Just like the touch screen game, kids can calibrate the angle and the force of the jump in order to produce maximum damage… or to at least make the pigs fall from their outposts.

How will the kids play Angry Birds knock on game?

Pretty much like the virtual game.

One of the kids will pull a card with a simple structure drawn on it. He will have to build it using the blocks in the package and place the pigs as indicated.

The other player has to use the slingshot to launch the indicated birds against the pigs’ structure. He can control the trajectory as he thinks best so as to inflict as much damage as possible. Depending on the number of pigs killed and the wooden blocks destroyed, he earns a number of points.

Both kids take turns building the structures and bringing pain to the evil pigs. The first one to reach 1000 points wins the big pizza 🙂

Also, as the game advances, the missions get become more difficult, and they are worth more points.

How cool is it that kids can play their favorite phone app in real life? And not only kids! It is designed for 5 years old kids and up, but I can see myself playing this with my friends. It’s a lot of fun.

Truth be told, it takes a little more skill than the virtual game. But it is so much cooler!

It’s just as silly and childish as the mobile app and that makes it so addictive.

Totally worth it!

P.S. Go claim a set of the Angry Birds Knock  on Wood Game for your kid now. You’ll both love it!

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