A New LEGO Indiana Jones

Building on the immense success of the ‘LEGO Star Wars’ series, gaming studio Traveler’s Tales stuck to a winning formula by once again combining the LEGO franchise with one of the most beloved film trilogies ever released.

No doubt also part of a cleverly constructed marketing campaign to have this game released alongside the latest Indiana Jones movie, it certainly bodes well for what will probably be another runaway hit for TT.

But have they done enough to warrant another exercise in a button-mashing, LEGO-building, puzzle solving adventure?

If you’ve played the ‘LEGO Star Wars’ trilogy, you will know exactly what to expect. It really is, in its purest form, another Star Wars game with a bunch of different characters and settings.

Is this a bad thing though? Not necessarily, but I for one would have liked to see a bit more innovation in the series. Sure, exploration and puzzle-solving take a slightly more important role in the Indy series, but for all intents and purposes the games are very similar.

Although we’re dealing for the most part with blocks here, do not expect to be amazed by the game’s graphical capabilities. A LEGO block is a LEGO block, and it really can only look so good.

But that doesn’t mean the game is an eyesore, or even remotely bad looking. For while all the characters, props and objects are made of LEGO, the backgrounds, foliage and buildings are not, and the game is a joy to behold in all it’s cartoony, colourful splendour.

Strangely enough, you would expect the game to run as smooth as silk when considering the fairly uncomplicated look of the game, but screen tearing pops up more frequently than is entirely acceptable. A deal-breaker? Not in the least.

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