Lego Unveils New Star Wars Packs

Every once in a while it can be nice to take a little break from gear and gadgets that scream cutting edge and spend a little time with something that’ll take you back to your happy childhood, the days when making a purchase wasn’t followed with the premonition that your new pride and joy was destined to be obsolete at birth.

We’ve got some fond memories of our old Lego sets, especially after we perfected a design for a Lego-nightstick capable of dispensing Lego-justice on our Lego-playmates.

We might not have resorted to injecting violence into the Lego experience to keep things exciting if we were kids today and had our hands on Lego’s update line.

Lego announced today two new Battle Packs of characters and basic conveyances. Episode III inspired Droids and Clone Troopers will be available, each for $9.99. They might not be Leia in Jabba’s palace regalia, but they sure beat generic bald men with vacant smiles and yellow skin.

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